Land Gift California
Land Gift California
Land Gift California
Land Gift California
Land Gift California
Land Gift California
Land Gift California
Land Gift California
Land Gift California
Land Gift California

Land Gift California

Echtes Landstück als Geschenk

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  • Exclusive Gift - Only available here
  • 100% sustainable, CO2 positive
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  • 100% right of return, no follow-up costs

Claim of ownership of 100 square inches on the approx. 9,000 m² property in California City in the state of California, USA - including contractually guaranteed right of access. With the gift of land you do not enter into any further obligations.



Your piece of land is located in the city of California City in the US state of California. California City has its origins in 1958 when Nat Mendelsohn bought 80,000 acres (320 km²) of land in the Mojave Desert to build the next major city.

He designed California City around a central park with an artificial lake. He hoped that one day she would outstrip Los Angeles. However, growth has so far fallen short of expectations.



With the gift of land comes a personal right of access and use of the entire private property.

In addition, you get ownership of an individual share of the property.



Flyer with photos of the piece of land, site plan and exact GPS information. This is where future landowners begin to dream. Contains a link to the online country page with lots of other information, such as weather, map. (Example shows Canada info flyer with QR code).



Each country gift contains a certificate of ownership personalized with a name of your choice on fine certificate paper (DIN A4). The individual certificate number is also located here. This makes the gift unique & individual (example shows the Italy certificate).



Delivered in a high-quality roll of documents made from degradable raw materials to give away immediately. This is how giving is fun, because everything is included!

HappyLandGifts Personalisierte Geschenke


Your piece of land is located in the city of California City in the US state of California. More precisely, it is located in Kern County. The way to your piece of California leads from the metropolis of Los Angeles via the CA-14 N in a northerly direction. About 100 miles from Los Angeles, you reach your piece of land in the Mojave Desert in the small town of California City.

Geo data is: 35°09'03.0″N 117°53'05.5″W and the property is 9,105.5 sqm / 2.25 acres.

The location

Here you can see exactly where the property is located. Use Google Maps ( click on map ) and take a close look.


What better way to surprise a California lover with a real piece of land in New York? Dreams and longings are given free rein. Memories of beautiful moments in California are awakened - with the most original California gift.

With a country gift you have a really creative and original California gift - with the desired name on the title deed with a very personal touch. A California gift that will surely stay in your heart and in your memory for a long time.

Yes - you or the recipient of the gift will become a real landowner with the gift of land.

With the gift of land comes a personal and unrestricted right of access and use of the entire private property. So you can drive there, enter the property, have a picnic there or spend a night in a tent.

In addition, you get ownership of an individual share of the property.

First of all, the right property must be found and bought. That's not so easy, because we have high standards and are looking for natural properties in beautiful surroundings. Once we have found the 'right property', the purchase process begins. With everything that goes with it: So with a notary, entry in the land register, payment of the purchase price, additional costs and taxes.

As owners, we can now grant rights (rights of possession, rights of access and use) to our landowners. The right of ownership runs through an unlimited lease. This is fully compensated by the one-off payment of the purchase price.

HappyLandGifts remains the responsible owner and manages the property. This also includes the assumption of all legal and official obligations. This means that the landowner has no additional costs or obligations.

The right of ownership is unlimited in time and therefore does not end. All properties have only one purpose, to grant our customers land ownership and to make them "happy".

Payment for the Land Gift is a one-time payment. There are no follow-up costs that you have to take into account. Not today, not tomorrow and not in 100 years. Promised.

All potentially incurred costs (property tax, etc.) are fully borne by HappyLandGifts. Just as it should be for a decent gift manufacturer.

In principle, everything is permitted that does not lead to permanent changes on the property. So you can visit the country, have a picnic, read a book and in the evening spend the night in a tent on your own property.

We all want the property to remain in its natural state - to the great delight of people, animals and plants.

Things that change the property permanently, such as building a house, cutting down trees, growing wine, garbage disposal or free campfires are not allowed.

The recipient gets a small personal share of the property (e.g. 100 square inches), but is allowed to enter and use the entire area of the property. Of course, this varies from property to property.

All HappyLandGifts properties are exclusively private and reserved for use by HappyLandGifts landowners.

The exact GPS data are on your title deed. Your personal share is defined by the individual certificate number.

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. But we are working on a solution to transfer his property to other people.

The certificates are in the respective national language, i.e. France in French, Italy in Italian plus an English translation. We wanted to be as authentic as possible here and at the same time be internationally understandable.

In the land register, land ownership is entered in the owner's name and email address. This activates and documents the land ownership.

Where can I paint my land? Incidentally, we are always very happy when we hear that landowners are visiting their piece of land. Some time ago we received great photos from a family who put their holiday in Devon to the English country estate and drove to the country estate. Feel free to post photos on Google Maps, see example: Devon | England r share?

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Natural plots

  • No deforestation & clearing
  • No farming
  • No fertilizer use
  • No insecticides
  • No construction work